Escape From Your Studies

As escapes from reality go, escape games are the best way to rid yourself of stress. If you’re a student at university of college, then you’ll know all about that. We see a lot of students come through our door and when they do, they have a fabulous time and get to forget deadlines, essays, tutorials groups and exams – even if it is just for an hour. 

Study stress, what study stress?

We believe that our escape games are the perfect solution for study stress and we know that people enjoy it because they tell us exactly that! Basically, our Escape Games is all about using your noggin, but not in an intellectual way, more in a whip smart way. Why? Because you have to be able to crack the codes, clues and puzzles to unlock the door of the room you’re in. 

Locked in a room, you’ll have to be smart to escape.

Let’s make it clearer, you and a group of friends are locked in a room together that’s themed. The theme will be anything taken from popular culture, usually a movie, or possibly a well-known game. Then you have to be able to find the clues, which are all carefully hidden, and then work them out and unlock the door. 

Break the ice, break the codes, break down barriers.

It’s an hour of ice breaking with fellow students, getting to know your cohorts and then after you’ve played the game, successful or not, a trip to the pub to celebrate. It’s 60 minutes of your life well spent amongst fellow peers, where you’ll get to forget all about your studies and university life and just have plenty of fun.

Escape London – The best escape rooms in London

We can’t wait to see you here, and if you’re feeling the stress back at college or uni, then why not come on down and see us here for an hour, we’re certain you’ll have a great time once you’re here. Book online today.

Escape And Take A Break

If you’re looking to get away from your studies for a while and completely forget about them, we think our Escape London is the best way to do it. You’re a student, so naturally, you’ll have a lot of work to get through and at times, it can be tough. By visiting us and letting your hair down, you’re going to be able to forget about that for a while and lose yourself in the Escape Game challenge.

Teamwork, communication, problem solving and analytical thinking - do you have what it takes?

Our live interactive game is all about teamwork and communication, as well as being able to problem solve and think analytically. This time of course you won’t be using these skills for university work, but for the love of the game. Can you find the carefully hidden clues all around the room? Once you do you work them out, you can free yourself.

One hour to escape the room and the clock

The only other problem is that you only have one hour in which to do it. You can bring your friends, fellow students, and even family if you’re in need of a catch up and they’ve come up to visit you. It’s also a great way of breaking the ice and getting to know new students. If they’ve been stuck in their rooms for the best part of an entire month, then this might be the best way of getting them out and talking.

Finally, all of the rooms are themed

The rooms come with different popular cultural themes from the past 20 years, it could be anything from Egyptology to Sherlock Holmes, science fiction to Harry Potter. It just makes the game that much more fun to take part in, you can role play or simply let your imagination run away with you.

Escape Games London – where students get to unwind and relax in the best possible way

If you’re studying hard and you need a break, then Escape London is the perfect way to get out of your own head for a little while. Book your room online or on the phone, or even in person if you’re passing, we’d love to see you here.

Benefits of Taking on an Escape Room

The benefits of brain teasers and puzzles are many, it’s key in preventing the onset of dementia and keeping your brain healthy and alert. We’re going to be looking at this today, so if you’re interested in how you can keep your brain healthy and sharp, then read on, oh and then book your escape room with us of course!

Keep tired and aging brain at bay

 A mind that regularly works out will be a mind that is active well into old age. It’ll keep your brain young and healthy, because by treating your brain in the same way as you treat your body – with respect, you’ll get more out of it. 

Have both a happy mind and body

You’re going to feel happier and get your endorphins going by exercising both body and mind as often as possible. Brain teasers and puzzles can increase your memory and help keep dementia at bay. You can also reduce boredom and spend less time doing sedentary things like watching TV, which although pleasurable, doesn’t really give your brain much to do. 

Give your mind varied workouts

Don’t do the same thing over and over, it’s important to mix up your puzzles and brain teasers so your brain is exercised and taxed more, rather than doing the same repetitive thing over and over. If you stick to the same thing, your brain gets a bit lazy and you need a wide variety of teasers to get those brain cells ticking over. 

Escape London – where your brain will be put through its paces

If you’re looking to exercise your brain in the best way possible, then get in touch with us here at Escape London. Our rooms are all themed differently and the puzzles and clues are all hidden, you’ll need to find them to escape and unlock the room. Make sure your mind is clear and sharp when you enter – because here is where the fun begins.

The Benefits of Brain Teasers & Puzzles

Brain teasers and puzzles offer a range of benefits that you can find as part of escape games in London. Challenging yourself to take on these brain teasers and puzzles are good for mind and body, having a sharp mind that is constantly put to work means you'll be healthier in the long run.

Give Your Mind a Workout

Research shows that mental exercise that tests your brain power with number or word puzzles may boost your brain's activity. This reduces the risk of dementia, reduces day to day boredom and improves concentration and memory.

Cognitive Skills, Temporal and Frontal Lobes

Regular brain teasers and puzzles that utilise your cognitive skills help to improve your ability to learn, your problem solving skills, and memory as you use specific neural networks. 

Your ability to remember relies on specific parts of the temporal and frontal lobes that are located behind the forehead. It is a common mistake to assume that simply reading books and working out your taxes will be enough exercise for your mind, but in reality it isn't enough. Your brain needs a real workout that keeps challenging you and pushes you further.

Test Your Brain Power

The day to day humdrum of your job is something many people feel they need an escape from occasionally. At Escape we provide the opportunity to do so and fill your time with puzzles and cryptic clues that challenge your mind, so by the time you have finished you will have had a proper mental workout.

So What are Escape Rooms All About?

You're locked in a room (which you can leave at any time if you wish to) that has a specially designed, immersive theme. Once your time has started  you'll have a series of clues, puzzles and challenges to work out in order to successfully escape from the room within the time limit (usually 60 mins).

Why don’t you get yourselves down to us here at Escape London and book your room. You can hop on a call to do that, and once you’ve booked it just bring yourself and your friends and family down and you can get started. It’ll be the best hour’s fun you’ve had in some time.


Things To Do in London: June 2018

June brings the better weather and warmer evenings, and there’s no better place to be than London because there’s so much going on. We’re going to highlight just a few so you can add them to your must do list when you visit the capital.

Trooping the Colour

Yes, London, the official residence of the queen, and in June London will celebrate her official birthday. As you can imagine, there’s a really impressive military parade right smack bang in the centre of the city. If you want to be a part of this spectacular display, you need to head towards The Mall on the 9th June.

Fancy a bit more of the pageantry? From the 6th to 7th June, you’ll also have the Household Division’s Beating Retreat at the Horse Guards Parade, or why not the Changing of the Guard ceremony? This takes place on almost all days in June outside the Palace.

Open Gardens

There’ll be well over 200 spaces, ones that are usually closed to the public, open to everyone. These are special green spaces where you can explore London’s most exquisite urban gardens, so if you love gardens then you definitely need to be around for that. If you think it’s right up your street, then make your way to London between the 9th and 10th of June. There’ll also be other family-oriented activities too, so there’ll be plenty to keep you occupied.

There’s other events going on in and around London for you to enjoy as well, including the taste of London food festival with over 200 food and drink stalls, live demonstrations and many of London’s restaurants providing samples of their most exciting cuisine. The Taste of London will be held between 13th and 16th June. You won’t want to miss that. There’s also all your favourite musical theatre from some of London’s most successful West End shows performing live on Trafalgar Square. Called simply West End LIVE at Trafalgar Square, it starts 25th June and ends 25th June.

Greenwich & Docklands International Festival

This festival will be on 22nd June until 7th July, so plenty of time to catch it. It’s an outdoor arts festival and it’s free of charge, so if you’re on a tight budget, then this could be for you. There’s dance, theatre, art installations and an open-air theatre, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied. There’ll be a chance to see some of the UK’s most talented performers and artists in one place as well as those from overseas. This event is also going to be featuring disabled and deaf artists in the interests of diversity and quality of performance.

Escape London - Premier Escape Rooms

After all that you may be feeling like you need to do relax and unwind with friends or family. If that’s the case, why not come down to us here at Escape London and create your own unique team building activity, bring your friends, family and work your way out of a locked room with 60 minutes to get out. It’s a themed room and you’ll have to work out the hidden clues and puzzles in order to escape. Book your escape room and see if you have what it takes.

How to Get the Most Out of Team Building Activities

How can you get the most out of team building activities and come back with a team who are as confident in their skills and abilities as you’d like them to be? In our post today, we’re going to be talking about how you can get the most out of team building activities. And how you can get your team back on track back at the office, where you can utilise their skills and take advantage of their improved performance.

Team Building Activities are a Long Term Investment

Think of team building activities as part of a long game, something that you’ll benefit from as part of a long-term process. If you have one day out with your team, you may not see the kind of results you’re looking for in one day, but if you plan a regular amount of team building exercises over the course of a few months, you should see a huge difference.

You'll Reap the Benefits

Team building activities have a number of different benefits, and over time, and by following a schedule, you’ll start to see them. A team building exercise can help build morale and help facilitate good teamwork. This helps your team to bond, make friends and helps them to have a better understanding of each other’s weaknesses, strengths and interests.

Give Your Team a Competitive Edge

By having a team building activity where teams are pitted against each other, you give competitive edge to things and this in turn helps the team to be brag if they’ve won and to feel good. Competition is good with increasing productivity, this has been shown to be the case, and by increasing productivity your business will be a lot healthier too.

Smells Like Team Spirit

Investing in team building activities helps to increase team spirit, increase motivation and help them to relax and have fun. It can help you to identify key skills that you can utilise back in the office, and even motivate your employees to get themselves ready for promotion and the next level of their career.

Collaborate, Innovate & Create

Innovation, creativity and collaboration are also much increased after a series of team building activities. This brings people closer together as well as fostering creativity and innovation. So, do you want a workplace that’s more successful, motivated and with teams which are stronger and more productive? Getting the most out of team building activities is quite simple, and a worthwhile investment in both your team and your business.

Escape London – For the Best in Corporate Team Building Activities

If you’re now thinking of undertaking unique team building activities, please come to us here at Escape London, we think your team will love it. Get in touch to book your rooms and start to see the difference in your team.

Escape London FAQs

Here’s are our frequently asked questions about Escape London because we know you’d like to know all there is about our escape rooms and we’re always happy to help.

What are escape rooms?

Escape rooms are specially designed rooms where you and a group of friends are locked in with 60 minutes to escape. You will need to do some problem solving and find some cryptic clues, so you can work out how to get out.

Who is best suited to London escape rooms?

Anyone can take part in our escape games, however children under 10 may find it a little too challenging. If you do bring someone under 16, naturally they’ll need to be accompanied by an adult.

So, are you really locked in until you escape our rooms?

Yes, you are, but don’t let that alarm you, you’re never really locked in with no means of escape, if you’ve had enough and you want out, then we’ll let you out immediately. Also, a member of our team will show you all the exits before starting, so just tell yourself you’re locked in for the purpose of the game only, but it won’t be for real.

Do I need to be some kind of genius to escape?

No, you don’t. People often worry about this, believing they have to be some kind of mathematical genius to get out. What’s more important is that you have a good team behind you because that’s what’s going to get you out of there - teamwork. Together you can have some great puzzle solvers and those who can work out clues, as a team you’ll work together to get out, nobody has to be the one and only genius.

What if you don’t succeed?

Don’t worry too much about that. Not everyone manages to get out within the 60 minutes the first time they try. You’ll have a great time and that is far more important than whether or not you get out in time. The best and the most fun games are those you don’t always win. As long as you feel the sense of immersion and feel that sense of excitement then that’s so much more important. You can always visit us again for another bash at it!

Is someone going to jump out and frighten us?

No, we would never do that. We don’t jump out at anyone because we know how scary that would be, so we definitely won’t be doing that! You can rest assured that your time here in our escape rooms will be one of fun and excitement but not of the scary kind! Just the kind of fun and excitement you’ll enjoy!

Escape Games London – Premier Escape Rooms

If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch. We’re always here to help and if you want to play now, why not give us a call and you can book your escape room, because the fun starts here.

Things to Do in City of London

If you’re looking for things to do in London, then look no further than our helpful guide. We’ve come up with some great sites for you to see during your time in London, after all it’s such a vibrant city. We’ve helped a little by selecting just a few of London’s best sites so you can manage your time here better.

And if you fancy a break from the bright lights once you’ve finished, then you can always come over to our Shadwell location, it’s only a 15-minute car journey away. Why not explore some of London’s most famous sites and then come over for a challenging game of escape, where you’ll have to find your way out of a themed room of your choice?

St Paul’s Cathedral

A visit to St Paul’s Cathedral has to be on your list. It’s a must visit for those who have a love of history and architecture. This beautiful building was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, and it’s not lost its ability to amaze in its 300-year history. You can climb up the Golden Gallery with over 500 steps and visit the nave and crypt with stunning Victorian mosaics. There’s a small entrance fee, but it’s definitely worth it.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is another must for history lovers. And of course, the Tower of London is full of history. It’s over a thousand years old with a prison, armoury, barracks and a palace, amongst other things, and of a course a place of execution. The Jewel House is a must see and you definitely want to visit the White Tower and see the ravens. There’s also St Peter ad Vincula church where the Boleyns are buried and the Salt and Beauchamp Towers.

The Hoop & Grapes

If you fancy a drink why not visit The Hoop & Grapes in Aldgate, one of London’s best pubs. It has an interesting history and it’s the oldest licenced pub in the City. It’s made from timber and is one of only 3 that survived the great fire of London. It’s a place in which to relax and unwind where you can soak up the atmosphere in style.

The Barbican Centre

This is a more recent building that was named after the Roman city walls. It’s great to sit out in what with the fountains, lawns and lake. It’s also the permanent home for the London Symphony Orchestra and base for the Royal Shakespeare Company. The Art Gallery is home to a library, cinema, restaurant, exhibition hall and sculpture court.

Escape Games London

Finally, come see us here at Escape games London here at Shadwell. You’re only 15 minutes away by car and after exploring the city you’ll be ready for a break. You can test your mettle with friends or family locked in a themed room of your choice with only 60 minutes to escape. There’ll be plenty of cryptic clues and puzzles you have to discover, and once you’ve found them all you must solve them in order to escape. Come join us, you’ll have a fabulous time.