Escape Rooms are a Unique and Fun Date - Find Out Why

So you’ve arranged a date with someone you really, really like and you’re kind of looking forward to it while feeling really nervous at the same time. You like the person but, guess what? You’re going on a dinner date and you know how this will end, or you suppose you know how it will end, with spaghetti down your front and a desperate attempt to make interesting conversation when you’re already nervous. 

Don’t do average, do different.

Or perhaps you’ve arranged a night at the cinema where you’ll sit next to each other, not speaking for a good two hours and still feel like you don’t know each other at the end of it because you’ve had no interaction whatsoever. Welcome to the world of dating. It could be you already know this person, perhaps it’s a long-term girlfriend or boyfriend, you fancy taking them somewhere different, somewhere unique and fun.

How about Escape Room Games London?

We think you'll have a fabulous time here, the reason being that you’ll have such an amazing time and you won’t be sitting silently in each other’s company (which is nice sometimes) but interacting for an hour while you find a load of clues, solve them and then unlock the door to your eventual escape. 

Escape Games offer something a little different for a date.

All rooms are themed, with ideas taken from popular culture. It could be anything from Harry Potter to Area 51, it’s a place where you can forget the world outside and focus on each other. At the same time, you have plenty of opportunity to talk, have a laugh, watch each other and how you both react to different things and generally get to know each other. Perhaps you already feel you do, but there may be things you don’t know and this is a perfect opportunity to find out more. 

Don’t let a simple locked room fool you - there’s more here than meets the eye.

You’re locked in with your most favourite person in the world, what’s not to like? In this scenario, you’ll be looking, searching, running around the room and once you’re done, you’ll have so much to talk about. It’s unique, fun and the most original way to start off your evening together, it has the hallmarks of one of the best dates you’ll ever have...even if it’s your last.

Escape Games London - for the best date of your life.

We hope we’ve convinced you of the fantastic time you can have if you choose to have your date with us here at Escape Games London. Forego the pub, the club, the cinema and the restaurant and come on down here to our Escape Room Games. We know you’ll have a great time so come on down after booking your room, either online or over the phone.

What NOT To Do in an Escape Room

We’re going to be looking at what you must not do in an Escape Room, so you can fully engage and have a great time. We love to give our visitors the opportunity to win the game, but sometimes they get too preoccupied by things they shouldn’t be doing, so by setting out the do’s and the don’ts from the beginning, we know you’ll have a great time when you visit us at Escape London. 

Don’t touch anything that comes with a ‘don’t touch’ sign

If you see signs which say don’t touch, then that’s exactly what it means. We design our rooms and set everything up in a particular way, and we do this so you’ll get the most out of the game. There’ll be props in the room that have stickers on them and they’ll ask you not to touch them. Therefore, it’s probably wise to do as the sign says, because if you don’t you could damage something, and unfortunately, we’ll have to ask you to pay for it. Therefore, heed the signs and enjoy your time simply playing the game.

Try not to break anything

Please be careful with the items you find in the room while you’re playing. If you break something, we’ll have to ask you to pay for it. Stay calm and take your time, then you’ll enjoy the experience much more. And you don’t want to be left with a hefty bill to pay - let’s leave that there. 

Don’t be tempted to run off with what you think are great souvenirs

Yes, we can replace some things. However, these replacements do run out eventually, and it adds to our costs to keep replacing them all the time. No matter how tempting it might seem, please don’t do it, just look at them and handle them as part of the game – but no slipping them into your bag. 

Don’t turn into a climber while you’re in the Escape Room

What we mean by that is – don’t climb over the furniture like you’re on a children’s climbing frame because it’s really not necessary. You could cause break something so that’s irreparably damaged and we’d have to replace whatever it is you’ve broken. And whatever you do, don’t turn up drunk, because we’ll have to ask you to leave. We make rules because they’re there to keep you safe. It also stops us from having to interrupt you and stop the clock – when you could be having a great time without the interruption, so don’t spoil things for yourself. 

Escape London – for the best hour of the day

We’ve told you what you shouldn’t do, and you’re now left with what you can – which is great, because there’s lots you can do! We’d love to see you here so you can forget the outside world as long as you obey the rules of no climbing, touching what you’re not supposed to or getting ever so slightly drunk, (you can do that later) – stick to the rules and you’ll have a fabulous time here.

Why You Should Book an Escape Room Birthday Party

It’s a special birthday, you know it makes sense to create a memorable, special event that no one will forget. The thing is the “oooh it’s a party surprise” thing gets a little tedious year in, year out. Even a meal, I mean how many times has that been done before? No, what you want is something that’s unique and original that they’re really not expecting. If you go with the meal or the party, then you know they’re going to guess, and it won’t really be a surprise. The answer?

We strongly suggest you book an escape room birthday party, because it’ll be like no other birthday that’s gone before. Rather than sit awkwardly round a dinner table or watch your friend or family member squirm their way through a party, thanking everyone in the most awkward fashion imaginable, they could instead be having the most fun in an hour they’ve ever had.

What other advantages are there to spending your birthday at an escape room?

Well, there are no height or age restrictions. As long as they’re supervised, kids can go too. We usually recommend they’re over the age of 10 so they get full enjoyment out of the experience, but other than that it’s a great idea. They’ll need an adult with them, but you’d do the same at a traditional birthday party. 

Teamwork – this is what you get with Escape Room Games.

They’re such great group activities. You and the team can work together to achieve one goal you all share, it’s interactive and it’s fun. There’s up to 6 of you working together to escape a locked room. It’s a situation filled with pressure and excitement. You can even buy a team photograph at the end of the game to commemorate this fun event. 

Popular World-wide

Escape Games are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and not just here in the UK. They were once obscure, but have become more mainstream, with people of all ages playing the game and enjoying the whole experience.

Trying Something Different 

Now you don’t want to have a boring birthday nor do any of your family or friends, so you really need to shake things up a bit and try something different. It’s a whole new form of entertainment and there’s never any dull, awkward or dreary moments throughout this game. You’ll have 60 minutes in which to escape the room and they’ll be filled with heart stopping searches for clues, overcoming obstacles and cracking the code so you can all escape. 

If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Not everyone succeeds the first time, but there’s always a second and third, or as many times as you like before you’re successful. We want you to win and we’ll do all we can to spur you on, but most of all, we want you to enjoy your time here. This could be the best birthday party you or your friends or family have ever had. 

Escape London – Unique Birthday Celebrations

Come on down we can’t wait to see you here at our escape rooms in London. Book your room online or over the phone, they’re all themed so pick the one that appeals to you the most, or perhaps the one you think whose birthday it is will love the most. Then we’ll see you here, for the best birthday part of all!

Which Type of Escape Room Player Are You?

So which type of Escape Room player are you then? Are you the geek that really goes in deep and is all about the detail, or are you the relentless hunter who won’t give up until the final whistle blows? We’ll take a look, and we’ll see that every type of player has their role to play. Don’t give in to your weaknesses and make sure that regardless of the type of player you are – you’re a team player and you play to win.

The Relentless One

Are you the one with a fixed stare, the one who starts searching, looking and interrogating people and objects from the get-go? Are you the one everyone else is just a little bit scared of? Perhaps then, you’re the Relentless One, he/she who must win at all costs and find every single clue and not give up until the very last second of your hour has been devoured. You’re determined and you’ll never give up, you’ll be an asset to the team, just make sure you’re not still looking after the game’s over and the lights have been switched off!

The Obsessive One?

Perhaps you visit Escape Rooms all over the country in a bid to try them all or beat your own time. You love it so much you know all the rooms and don’t care who knows it. You may even have a scrapbook of your Escape Room adventures. No one will know the game better, no one will be able to work the way you do, because nobody knows the game the way you do, inside and out.

The Leader

Are you the one who takes control – but in a good way? You’ll be the delegator, leader and peacemaker in one. The person who makes sure everyone is on task and getting on with it. You can stop the arguing, if there is any, in its tracks and you’re always the voice of calm. Yes, the game wouldn’t work without you there to delegate and smooth over any disagreements.

The Geek

Yes, he or she who picks at every lock, goes over every single clue meticulously and knows each clue and riddle intimately. You’ll be discussing each one in detail at the pub later to anyone who’ll listen. In the meantime, you’ll be the one with the focus while you’re in the room, finding the clues, solving them and understanding every single riddle and rhyme until you know it off by heart.

The Indecisive One

You’re the one who is here now and then somewhere over there later. You’re all over the room, all over the clues - and frankly all over the place. You can’t seem to decide what your role is, and you can’t make your mind up about what to do next, there doesn’t seem to be much method in what you’re doing and you’re desperate to help, but can’t seem to focus very well. This could cost everyone the game if someone doesn’t knock it on the head. It could be a matter of someone keeping an eye on you, and you’ll be glad of it, making sure you’re given one task at a time that you can stick to, focusing your attention where it’s most needed.

Escape London

So, have you recognised yourself yet? Are you any of the characters above, or do you know someone who fits the bill for at least one of them? Choose your team carefully and then book your themed room with us either online or over the phone? You and your team can then weave your magic once you get here.

The Ultimate Guide to Beating an Escape Room

In this blog, we’re going to look at how you can beat an Escape Room and win before the hour is up. We want all our visitors to win, and that’s why we like to give everyone a fighting chance. With our guide on beating the Room, we think you’ll have a more than even chance of getting out, so gather round and read up on our top five clues on how to beat an Escape Room.

Play with your friends or workmates

Commonality between all teammates is helpful when you’re playing a game of Escape. If you’ve a room with a large array of different personalities and people who’ve never met before or, by contrast, know each other particularly well, then there’s room for personality clashes. Make sure you all have something in common, hand pick who you bring beforehand, and you’ll have a better chance of winning, this is because you’ll already have bonded and get on really well.

Listen to each other

Listening is a highly underrated skill and it works in a game like this in the same way it does during your working day. Don’t underestimate the importance of listening to what other people say. No shutting people down, no dominating the entire project, make sure everyone’s views and ideas are listened to.

Make sure you communicate

Make sure that once you’ve found something, you let everyone know about it, whether it be something of interest or what you think could be an actual clue. It’s important because you don’t want to be constantly looking for something once it’s already been found. You’ll need to tick it off your list.

Don’t spend too much time on the same puzzle/clue

Don’t sit staring at the same puzzle or clue over and over again expecting it to speak to you. Let one or two people spend time on that one clue, while the rest of you continue your search of the room. A whole bunch of people stuck around one puzzle isn’t helping the team win, it’s just wasting time, so spread out a bit.

Search the room carefully and thoughtfully

Make sure you search the room from top to bottom without leaving anything out. That’s from the door frames down to the carpets. Clues could be just about anywhere. On top of bookshelves, in an actual book, underneath the floorboards, stuck to a ceiling, beneath a pillar even, or on a ledge high up. Keep your eyes peeled.

Escape London – for the ultimate in escapism

We hope we’ve armed you with enough clues and hints to get out of the Escape Room London within the hour. More importantly we want you to enjoy your time in there while you’re here. It’s a game of fun and intrigue, and if you don’t get out you can always visit us again. Book your room online or over the phone and we’ll see you soon.

What Type of Event is an Escape Room Good For? 

Escape Rooms are great for all kinds of events and we’re going to explore some of them today. A lot of the time, they’re great simply as a way of killing time for an hour or if you just fancy challenging yourself and seeing if you and a group of friends can beat the clock. However, Escape Rooms are also popular for specific types of events, something we’re going to explore here. 

Corporate events.

Escape Rooms are often used by corporate teams. The reason for this is that they like to test the skills of their team and see what it is they’re good at. While they’re playing the game, they’ll need to rely on good communication skills, be able to work as part of a team, have good analytical, logical and problem-solving skills and generally be able to think in a unique and original way in order to get out on time (you have an hour). Also, it helps if you are good at delegating, and it’s great for the boss to find out who’s the natural team leader. This is not the time to be a wallflower, and the perfect time to show exactly what you’re good at. 

Date Night.

Yes sometimes couples use our Escape Rooms as an excuse for the best and most original date night of their lives. It’s great for breaking the ice and getting to know someone without the awkwardness of a dinner date or the excruciating silence of a cinema night. There’s no time to sit around gawping at each other while you struggle for something to say - you have a game to play with an hour to do it and some clues to discover. It’s the best way to get past that awkward stage and on to the better part where you can actually communicate without feeling embarrassed. 

Landmark events.

If you have something important to celebrate, it could be a birthday, an anniversary, a hen or stag do, you’ve passed your driving test, or you’ve passed exams or graduated from university. This is the perfect way to celebrate those special moments with friends and family and have a great time. 


Many students use our Escape Rooms as some well-earned escapism from their studies. It’s popular with students because it only takes an hour and they can come down here take part and then go back. It’s a welcome break from the arduous studying, online research and constant deadlines. It doesn’t cost the earth, doesn’t take too much time, and it’s a welcome distraction with like-minded friends who also need to escape the drudgery of study.

Escape London – For Any and Every Event.

So now you know what it’s all about why not book your event with us here in London and spend an hour having the time of your life – instead of worrying about it. Our rooms are for those who want to escape the hamster wheel and enjoy some mystery and intrigue, and we’ve got plenty of that going on here. Call us or book online and we’ll see you here.

What Type of Event is an Escape Room Good For?

There are several events we see going on here at Escape London, because Escape Rooms are so versatile, they are useful for all kinds of different events. Being locked in a room for an hour may seem like such an unusual way for anyone to spend their time, however, you’d be surprised once you’re in there how much fun it actually is. A game where you’re locked in a themed room searching for clues so you can escape can reveal a variety of different skills which explains why it’s so popular with corporate teams.

Corporate teams, Escape Rooms.

Corporate teams use them for their team building skills, and of course it’s a great way of identifying new ones. It gets the team out of the office and into a different environment. In a different place, people may behave differently, possibly introverts will come out of their shell more, and those who haven’t had the chance to break the ice with their colleagues yet usually find that this is the ideal environment in which to do it. 

Hone those skills and impress the boss.

We love the fact that corporate teams find our Escape Rooms so useful for this. It’s great for enhancing and discovering skills they weren’t aware of, or perhaps didn’t realise they were so good at. Skills such as problem-solving, analytical skills, communication and delegation are all skills that can be utilised once back at base. It could also be a perfect excuse to cherry pick the best for an upcoming project, so if you do get chosen to be part of a corporate event at one of our rooms, make sure you’re on your toes!

Special celebrations.

Our Escape Rooms are also great for celebrating certain milestones and other events deemed worthy of celebration. That might be an anniversary, a birthday, hen or stag do or perhaps you or one of your friends has passed their driving test. All these events are worthy of celebration, and at our Escape Rooms they can celebrate in the most unique way possible, providing some memories you won’t forget in a hurry, and which you’ll be talking about for some time to come. 


Students come here to get away from their studies and unwind and relax with friends. It provides a great stress release, and in the hour you’re here there’s no time to think about your studies, you’re too busy trying to find the clues and fight your way out within the hour. Once they’re finished, they’ll all go for a pint or two after and discuss tactics - and it’ll be a great end to a great day.

Date nights.

We also have date nights, where a couple will come to book an Escape Room so they can impress the other half. Who knows where that will take them, but what we do know is that it’s the most unique and original way to go out on a date. 

Escape London – for the best event you’ll ever attend.

So now you know the type of events we see here at our Escape Rooms in London. It’s time to book your room now, and you can do this online or over the phone. Let your special event begin. 

Escape From Your Studies

As escapes from reality go, escape games are the best way to rid yourself of stress. If you’re a student at university of college, then you’ll know all about that. We see a lot of students come through our door and when they do, they have a fabulous time and get to forget deadlines, essays, tutorials groups and exams – even if it is just for an hour. 

Study stress, what study stress?

We believe that our escape games are the perfect solution for study stress and we know that people enjoy it because they tell us exactly that! Basically, our Escape Games is all about using your noggin, but not in an intellectual way, more in a whip smart way. Why? Because you have to be able to crack the codes, clues and puzzles to unlock the door of the room you’re in. 

Locked in a room, you’ll have to be smart to escape.

Let’s make it clearer, you and a group of friends are locked in a room together that’s themed. The theme will be anything taken from popular culture, usually a movie, or possibly a well-known game. Then you have to be able to find the clues, which are all carefully hidden, and then work them out and unlock the door. 

Break the ice, break the codes, break down barriers.

It’s an hour of ice breaking with fellow students, getting to know your cohorts and then after you’ve played the game, successful or not, a trip to the pub to celebrate. It’s 60 minutes of your life well spent amongst fellow peers, where you’ll get to forget all about your studies and university life and just have plenty of fun.

Escape London – The best escape rooms in London

We can’t wait to see you here, and if you’re feeling the stress back at college or uni, then why not come on down and see us here for an hour, we’re certain you’ll have a great time once you’re here. Book online today.