Escape London FAQs

Here’s are our frequently asked questions about Escape London because we know you’d like to know all there is about our escape rooms and we’re always happy to help.

What are escape rooms?

Escape rooms are specially designed rooms where you and a group of friends are locked in with 60 minutes to escape. You will need to do some problem solving and find some cryptic clues, so you can work out how to get out.

Who is best suited to London escape rooms?

Anyone can take part in our escape games, however children under 10 may find it a little too challenging. If you do bring someone under 16, naturally they’ll need to be accompanied by an adult.

So, are you really locked in until you escape our rooms?

Yes, you are, but don’t let that alarm you, you’re never really locked in with no means of escape, if you’ve had enough and you want out, then we’ll let you out immediately. Also, a member of our team will show you all the exits before starting, so just tell yourself you’re locked in for the purpose of the game only, but it won’t be for real.

Do I need to be some kind of genius to escape?

No, you don’t. People often worry about this, believing they have to be some kind of mathematical genius to get out. What’s more important is that you have a good team behind you because that’s what’s going to get you out of there - teamwork. Together you can have some great puzzle solvers and those who can work out clues, as a team you’ll work together to get out, nobody has to be the one and only genius.

What if you don’t succeed?

Don’t worry too much about that. Not everyone manages to get out within the 60 minutes the first time they try. You’ll have a great time and that is far more important than whether or not you get out in time. The best and the most fun games are those you don’t always win. As long as you feel the sense of immersion and feel that sense of excitement then that’s so much more important. You can always visit us again for another bash at it!

Is someone going to jump out and frighten us?

No, we would never do that. We don’t jump out at anyone because we know how scary that would be, so we definitely won’t be doing that! You can rest assured that your time here in our escape rooms will be one of fun and excitement but not of the scary kind! Just the kind of fun and excitement you’ll enjoy!

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If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch. We’re always here to help and if you want to play now, why not give us a call and you can book your escape room, because the fun starts here.