Escape Room Game Tips

If you decide to come to an escape room, such as our one in London perhaps, then you’ll be wondering as to how you can get out in the 60 minutes without becoming flustered. It takes a certain knack, a skill for staying calm, and a good deal of problem solving and communication skills. However, we’ve decided that we can’t just leave you alone in that room without giving at least one or two tips on how to get out. So, here’s five of our best for getting out of an escape room with sanity intact.


If you don’t communicate with your team, and act as if you’re all alone in this, then you will still be in that escape room after the 60 minutes is up. Also, don’t all crowd around the same thing, it may be part of a puzzle that’s been spread out around the room and you won’t need to all go to one part of that puzzle in a group.

Don't Let One Person Dominate

There’ll always be one personality that has a louder voice, a person who considers themselves a leader, someone who will think they can solve a puzzle and that they don’t need any help, or perhaps the way they’ve decided to work on the puzzle in order to solve it is completely wrong. Any one person in that group could be in a position to solve the puzzle, even the quiet one, so give everyone a chance.

Think Aloud

Yes, say out loud what you see, it’ll help give you a feel for what the puzzle is and what you need to do in order to solve it. You’re using your eyes and your voice to help connect all of you in the team to work that puzzle out. You’re going to have to think as one instead of as six separate people, because what you don’t want is all of you looking at different things, starting to try and solve different things and failing instead of working together – as a team.

Manage Your Time Well

Always remember the clock because one the time’s up you’ll have lost. Try and allocate a certain amount of time to each puzzle and if you’re struggling remember to ask for a hint or a clue. You’ll have to conserve hints because there are only so many, but don’t use them too late either. Why not try allocating a certain amount of time to each puzzle before you decide you need a hint? That way you’re not wasting valuable time before moving on to the next.

Think Like a Writer and Use All Your Team’s Skills

You’ll have hopefully brought along a team with a varied skill-set, they may be IT experts, or teachers, or may be even an engineer. They’ll all have something useful to contribute, and of course if one or two of you are writers then you’ll have a feel for a story. What’s the story for this escape room? Once you start working out the story, you can then work out how the clues work and then try to solve them effectively.

Escape London – An Escape Room Like No Other

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat one of our escape rooms? Why not book now to take the test? Lock yourself in and then get yourself out, you have 60 minutes, it’s time to get your best team together.