Escape From Your Studies

As escapes from reality go, escape games are the best way to rid yourself of stress. If you’re a student at university of college, then you’ll know all about that. We see a lot of students come through our door and when they do, they have a fabulous time and get to forget deadlines, essays, tutorials groups and exams – even if it is just for an hour. 

Study stress, what study stress?

We believe that our escape games are the perfect solution for study stress and we know that people enjoy it because they tell us exactly that! Basically, our Escape Games is all about using your noggin, but not in an intellectual way, more in a whip smart way. Why? Because you have to be able to crack the codes, clues and puzzles to unlock the door of the room you’re in. 

Locked in a room, you’ll have to be smart to escape.

Let’s make it clearer, you and a group of friends are locked in a room together that’s themed. The theme will be anything taken from popular culture, usually a movie, or possibly a well-known game. Then you have to be able to find the clues, which are all carefully hidden, and then work them out and unlock the door. 

Break the ice, break the codes, break down barriers.

It’s an hour of ice breaking with fellow students, getting to know your cohorts and then after you’ve played the game, successful or not, a trip to the pub to celebrate. It’s 60 minutes of your life well spent amongst fellow peers, where you’ll get to forget all about your studies and university life and just have plenty of fun.

Escape London – The best escape rooms in London

We can’t wait to see you here, and if you’re feeling the stress back at college or uni, then why not come on down and see us here for an hour, we’re certain you’ll have a great time once you’re here. Book online today.