Benefits of Taking on an Escape Room

The benefits of brain teasers and puzzles are many, it’s key in preventing the onset of dementia and keeping your brain healthy and alert. We’re going to be looking at this today, so if you’re interested in how you can keep your brain healthy and sharp, then read on, oh and then book your escape room with us of course!

Keep tired and aging brain at bay

 A mind that regularly works out will be a mind that is active well into old age. It’ll keep your brain young and healthy, because by treating your brain in the same way as you treat your body – with respect, you’ll get more out of it. 

Have both a happy mind and body

You’re going to feel happier and get your endorphins going by exercising both body and mind as often as possible. Brain teasers and puzzles can increase your memory and help keep dementia at bay. You can also reduce boredom and spend less time doing sedentary things like watching TV, which although pleasurable, doesn’t really give your brain much to do. 

Give your mind varied workouts

Don’t do the same thing over and over, it’s important to mix up your puzzles and brain teasers so your brain is exercised and taxed more, rather than doing the same repetitive thing over and over. If you stick to the same thing, your brain gets a bit lazy and you need a wide variety of teasers to get those brain cells ticking over. 

Escape London – where your brain will be put through its paces

If you’re looking to exercise your brain in the best way possible, then get in touch with us here at Escape London. Our rooms are all themed differently and the puzzles and clues are all hidden, you’ll need to find them to escape and unlock the room. Make sure your mind is clear and sharp when you enter – because here is where the fun begins.