Escape Rooms are a Unique and Fun Date - Find Out Why

So you’ve arranged a date with someone you really, really like and you’re kind of looking forward to it while feeling really nervous at the same time. You like the person but, guess what? You’re going on a dinner date and you know how this will end, or you suppose you know how it will end, with spaghetti down your front and a desperate attempt to make interesting conversation when you’re already nervous. 

Don’t do average, do different.

Or perhaps you’ve arranged a night at the cinema where you’ll sit next to each other, not speaking for a good two hours and still feel like you don’t know each other at the end of it because you’ve had no interaction whatsoever. Welcome to the world of dating. It could be you already know this person, perhaps it’s a long-term girlfriend or boyfriend, you fancy taking them somewhere different, somewhere unique and fun.

How about Escape Room Games London?

We think you'll have a fabulous time here, the reason being that you’ll have such an amazing time and you won’t be sitting silently in each other’s company (which is nice sometimes) but interacting for an hour while you find a load of clues, solve them and then unlock the door to your eventual escape. 

Escape Games offer something a little different for a date.

All rooms are themed, with ideas taken from popular culture. It could be anything from Harry Potter to Area 51, it’s a place where you can forget the world outside and focus on each other. At the same time, you have plenty of opportunity to talk, have a laugh, watch each other and how you both react to different things and generally get to know each other. Perhaps you already feel you do, but there may be things you don’t know and this is a perfect opportunity to find out more. 

Don’t let a simple locked room fool you - there’s more here than meets the eye.

You’re locked in with your most favourite person in the world, what’s not to like? In this scenario, you’ll be looking, searching, running around the room and once you’re done, you’ll have so much to talk about. It’s unique, fun and the most original way to start off your evening together, it has the hallmarks of one of the best dates you’ll ever have...even if it’s your last.

Escape Games London - for the best date of your life.

We hope we’ve convinced you of the fantastic time you can have if you choose to have your date with us here at Escape Games London. Forego the pub, the club, the cinema and the restaurant and come on down here to our Escape Room Games. We know you’ll have a great time so come on down after booking your room, either online or over the phone.