What are the Benefits of Team Building Activities?

There are many benefits to team building activities and we’re going to be discussing just a few of them to convince you of the advantages you could see in your workplace.

Communicate and Collaborate

When your team take part in a team building exercise, they learn how to communicate better and their collaborating skills improve. This is because many team building activities revolve around finding the right result and this can lead to sharpened communications skills where articulating a particular task to another is crucial.

Getting Results. Competition. Winning.

Yes, the team building activities you choose will always involve getting some sort of results from a set of exercises which the whole team have had to take part in. They will know what it feels like to get the right result through working together, they’ll have learnt how good it feels to win, or the bad feeling you get when you lose, and this will all help with creating a sense of competition and how good it feels when you get the right results.


Yes, through socialising with each other, your team will have bonded and hopefully, once they’re back in the workplace they’ll work better together. There should be better productivity as a result, as well as increasing morale.

Team Performance

After a strenuous, fun day out with a team building activity, your team should be able to perform better than before. They will have got to know each other’s weaknesses and strengths and this should help them to work together as a strong team.

Break Down Barriers

By working together, communicating and finding a way forward in a team building activity, your staff are breaking down barriers that may have stood in the way of being more creative. This could be because they’re unsure of the team they’re working with. They’ve never met any of the team before, or they’ve never really spoken to each other, perhaps they feel they can’t work with them. However, when they’re thrown together in a team building exercise they have to communicate, articulate their needs, solve problems together and get the right results. This is the template for work practice back at the office.

Improve Problem Solving Skills

We’ve already seen how problem-solving can help them communicate, and this skill can also help in terms of working through any complexities within a project, any issues that seem like they can’t be resolved. When your team build on problem-solving skills, they can be built and practised upon, so when they are faced with problems before getting the desired result, they’ll be able to work through them together – as a team.

Book Your Team Building Activities

So, there are just a few of the benefits of team building activities that we believe are essential in creating a productive, positive team. By helping your team to bond and communicate better, you’ll get the kind of results you want and meet the goals you need to meet. You can book your team in at Escape London today to put their skills to the test.