5 Fantastic Team Building Activities

In today’s post, we’ve provided what we think are some of the best team building activities in the country. These are the kind of events where your team can find out more about themselves, each other and bond in a unique atmosphere that isn’t in their usual work environment. These types of team building activities are worth their weight in gold and are becoming supremely popular as corporate events. If you’re looking to develop your team’s skills, and you’re eager for them to bond, then this type of event is perfect for that. Take a look below at our events and pick one that feels right to you.

Scavenger Hunt

In this scavenger hunt, there’s a chosen location for finding a treasure hunt. Your people will be split into teams and they must find the treasure by competing against each other solving all sorts of cryptic clues, taking photos, and collecting all sorts of unusual things. This is a great team building event where they can find out more about each other as well as spend time unwinding outside of a conventional work setting.

Boot Camp

How about a military style boot camp delivered by ex-army and royal navy, a workout that’s been based on actual training practices used by the military? Key skills utilising will be evade and escape tactics, problem solving, combat techniques and skirmishing, and this can help your team to bond and find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Sports Day

This is the type of team building event where communication and teamwork will be encouraged in order to win prizes. Team will compete head to head and compete to win first, second and third. Yes, they’ll learn about competitiveness and how good it feels to win, and you’ll get to see your team’s strong and weak points.

It's a Knockout

A great day where you can spend time bonding and getting to know your fellow work colleagues. You may be too young to remember It’s a Knockout but it’s a competition where you play against each other in teams, and have to take part in all sorts of lively activities where you might get wet or die laughing. It’s definitely something worth considering if you want your team to bond.

Escape London

A unique team building event where your people are locked in a room and have 60 seconds to find a way out. This will be via powers of observation, problem solving and an opportunity for communication and listening. Hopefully, your team will come out of this knowing more about each other, themselves and their skills, and how best to utilise them in the workplace.

We hope you found our post this week on team building activities useful. If you manage a business and you’re looking to encourage bonding within your workforce, these team building activities are the perfect answer. They’ll help foster good communication, problem solving and resolving issues, so it’s definitely something you should explore.