New Escape Game Location

Escape games are now so popular, everyone wants a go, and who can blame them? Not only does it help with corporate team building, it’s also great for friends and family, testing their problem-solving skills and ability to think fast. Every single minute of the 60 you have to escape counts, and it’s by far the best way of spending an hour if you love adrenaline pumping drama that relies on your own brain power and ability to solve clues and puzzles to escape.

Our own escape games here in London have become so popular we’ve had to open another one, so we’ve created a whole new location in Shadwell. All the fun and the excitement, and 3 of our most exciting themed rooms, which we’re convinced you’re going to love.

We’d like to talk to you about 3 of our most exciting rooms which will be opening in the Shadwell location. First up is:

Witchcraft and Wizardry

A room full of magic and mayhem, a place where you can pit your wits against witches and wizards. There may have been some rather strange and funny goings on in the witchcraft and wizardry room, but are you smart enough to work it all out? It’s a classroom full of spells, magical challenges and puzzles and only by working these out do you escape within the hour and graduate before possibly being turned into a frog.


This is one of our hardest rooms and you’ll need to be a quick-witted genius to work it out. Non-starters need not apply. Do you have what it takes? Just like the film, there’s a missing friend, someone you need to rescue. They may have been taken by some dastardly mysterious killer who won’t have killed just once but many times. You’re in an office which calls itself an engineering facility – but is it?

You can visit Taken from the 4th of November, but be afraid, be very afraid, and ready to tackle the unknown to get out alive.

Escape the Seven Seas

what does the Seven Seas bring to you me hearties? Well, your crew has been sneakily locked away in the brig. You’ll all have to figure out how to escape the cell and then break into the Captains secret retreat – his chamber. What’s more you’ll have to steal all that dirty, delicious golden treasure for yourself. Can you?

Escape Games London – For The Best Hour of Your Life

Whichever room you choose, whether you go to Shadwell or London, you’ll have the best time. We’ve created such an amazing game that we’ve had to create another location, and the reason it’s popular is because it’s great, it’s fun, it’s exciting and it gets people talking. It’s the perfect way to spend an hour and what will be the best 60 minutes of your life. Join us, don’t be the ones left out.