Who Visits Escape London?

Perhaps you’re wondering what Escape is all about, you’ve heard a lot about it and now you want to know more. I mean, who visits Escape? What kind of people go and why? That’s what we’re looking at in this week’s post, and we hope to shed some light on the attraction of our escape games in London, hopefully providing you with plenty of reasons to pay a visit yourself.

There’s a good mix of people who enjoy Escape London, people come here for a variety of different reasons and all get something out of it. The idea of the game is to be locked in a room as part of a team and you have to solve cryptic puzzles, read maps and work out different clues in order to find your way out. These clues and puzzles could be anywhere in the room, so you have to find them first. There’s 60 minutes for you to do it. There great fun for those that enjoy high octane fun and excitement.

Corporate Team Building

Escape games are very popular with corporate teams because of their ability to help with team building. Escape rooms rely heavily on communication between team members in order to solve puzzles and cryptic clues. Without this they don’t get out, so if a boss is looking to see its team’s strengths and weaknesses and improve upon existing skills, then it’s to the escape rooms they go.


It’s also popular with students. This is either simply for fun or to test their grey matter amongst a group of fellow students. It’s a great way to unwind and spend quality time with friends, and of course when you’re a student, it helps break the ice and make new friends. Something that in other circumstances would take weeks to do, and when you’re a student away from home, you need all the friends you can get.


Gamers love Escape games. Although they’re not computer games as such, if you’re into games, then games of all kinds are your drug, and escape is no less exciting than being on a play station. In fact, it’s often better, because it gives people the opportunity to interact with friends and take part in a game that is fun, exciting and challenging.

Birthdays/Hen/Stag Celebrations

Yes, escape rooms are great for celebrating significant events in your life, such as birthdays, or hen/stag dos for those of you getting married in the foreseeable future. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’ll give you ample opportunity to get to know members of the group you’re not too familiar with.

Escape Games London

Why not find out for yourself why escape games are as popular as they are. Come down, book a room and then choose which friends you want to tag along with, preferably friends who know how to keep calm in a crisis and are good at problem-solving and cracking cryptic clues. Whether your celebrating an event, team building or a group of students out to have fun and make new friends, our escape games in London will be a fantastic choice.