Why Are Escape Games So Popular

Why are escape games popular? There are plenty of reasons why and we’ll be going over some of them today. It is certainly a growing phenomenon here and in the rest of Europe. Any age can play, whether they be adults or teenagers, or even corporate teams hoping to improve their team building efforts.

So, what is an escape room then?

If you don’t know what an escape room is, then let us tell you more about it. An escape room is a concept so simple you wonder how on earth you didn’t come up with it yourself. It consists of a group of people locked in a room, usually a room with a theme, and then finding their way out in 60 minutes. In that 60 minutes, they’ll have a series of clues, cryptic, puzzles and maps which they use to help them escape. A group is better than one person, because you help each other out – and that’s where the team bit comes in.

Team building activities are popular with corporate firms

It also explains why they’re so popular with corporate firms because they help with team building activities. They help improve critical thinking, problem-solving and lateral thinking. The team must work together, and as a result they communicate better. You also have the benefit of finding out what their skills are so you can utilise them to best effect when you’re back in the office.

Regular visitors as well as corporate teams enjoy escape rooms

For the regular visitor, escape rooms make great birthday presents, or just simple group days out with friends and/or family. Whether you’re celebrating something or you’re just having a good time with friends, an escape room is a great way of loosening up and enjoying yourself. If you’re after a fun day out that really tests your mettle, your cognitive skills and makes you laugh, then an escape room is the perfect answer.

Escape Room London – the best way to celebrate your day off

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