Why are Team Building Activities Important for Your Business?

Team building activities are important to your business for numerous reasons. Reasons which we’re going to be covering today. If up until now you’ve believed that team building exercises are a complete waste of time, then you’re wrong. By investing in your people, you’re investing in your business at the same time, paving the way for a better future with more harmonious working relationships.

Help your team work together rather than against each other

Team building can go a long way in encouraging collaboration where people work with each other rather than against each other. That’s not to say that’s what happening every day in work, but when colleagues don’t have an opportunity to bond with each other, they may feel isolated and unsure of each other.

The skills you pick up are invaluable

Team building activities such as our escape events are a great way of motivating people, getting them to build up skills such as problem solving, planning and communication and avoiding conflict. Although learning how to resolve conflict is also something you can build on in one of our activities.

Communication, connecting, discussion and socialising

We spend a lot of time creating stuff like this because we believe in the power of team building. We believe that they can help foster connections, discussion and help with future work projects. It can also help with their networking abilities and help them to socialise better with colleagues in the future.

Socialising out of working hours can be a positive thing

Yes, people are there to work, however socialising with work colleagues outside of work hours can be the best way of getting more out of them during the day and increasing their productivity. It can help increase morale and help them to solve issues that crop up during the working day.

Escape – a novel way of team building while having fun

Escape for instance is a team building activity where a group of people have to find their way out of a locked room. They may be competing against another team of their own work colleagues in another room. It does get competitive, but that’s a good thing. Competition can increase productivity, and by getting that out in a fun and exciting way, your team are bonding at the same time.

Let them bond, compete and brag a little

Perhaps some of them have never spoken to each other before, now they’ll have an opportunity to communicate and help resolve problems, solve puzzles and enjoy bragging rights if they win. As well as problem solving, communication and conflict resolution, your team can find out where their skills lie, it could foster creativity and innovation by allowing people to think carefully and quickly, their way of a problem.

Also, consider how much more relaxed people feel when they’re around people they feel comfortable with. Once they’ve bonded you’ll find that they’re much more comfortable around their colleagues, and as a result they’ll have a better imagination, and be better able to come up with more innovative ideas.

Communication – a key skill

And yes, as we’ve mentioned, communication is a crucial skill in the workplace and one that team building helps encourage. If you learn to communicate better, you’ll work better, that’s a fact, and we believe that our team building activities are perfectly suited to fostering better communication.

We’ve worked hard to create the perfect team building experience and we believe that Escape is it. We want to help you build a successful team that will help your business succeed in the future, so if you’re looking for the ideal team building exercise, then get in touch with us here at Escape, and let’s help you to create that perfect working environment.